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Various Types of Fruits for Young Pregnant Women are Recommended

During the early trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women are advised to eat healthy foods that contain complete nutrition, including fruits. Then, what fruit is recommended for young pregnant women? Fruit is one of the healthy foods that are recommended for pregnant women. Fruit can provide the intake of vitamins and minerals the fetus needs for growth and development. In addition, consumption of fruit during young pregnancy can also reduce complaints of constipation that often occurs during pregnancy. Various Fruits for Young Pregnant Women The following types of fruits are recommended for consumption by young pregnant women: 1. Avocados Avocado is one of the good fruits consumed by young pregnant women, because it is rich in folic acid which is useful to support the development of fetal nerves. In addition, the potassium contained in avocados is useful to relieve the symptoms of morning sickness that often occurs in the early trimester of pregnancy. 2. Papaya Ripe papaya is
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Is it Safe to Drink Soda while Pregnant

The safety side of drinking soda during pregnancy is often questioned. Although it is not strictly prohibited, pregnant women must be wise in consuming it. This is because there are some adverse effects from consuming excessive soda during pregnancy. Women who often drink soda while pregnant are more at risk of giving birth prematurely. In addition, excessive consumption of soda during pregnancy can also affect the child's development later in life. Various Health Risks of Soda Drinking During Pregnancy Drinking too much soda during pregnancy can have a variety of adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and the fetus, including: 1. Increase the risk of gaining excess weight Soda contains high sugar and calories, so excessive consumption of soda can cause weight gain. Increasing excess body weight during pregnancy cannot be underestimated because it can increase the risk of pregnant women experiencing gestational diabetes. In addition to gestational diabetes, being

How to make a sharp nose by pinching it, it's a myth

Having a pointed nose can make it look more attractive. Not surprisingly, many people are competing to find out how to make a sharp nose. One of the many myths that develop in society is pinching the nose. The nose has many important roles for humans, such as breathing, smelling, preventing infection, and affecting the sound coming out of the mouth. The nose is one of the body's organs that was formed since early pregnancy, and even continues to develop after the baby is born. Nose Formation Process After birth, the baby's nose may look pugy due to stress during labor. Generally the shape of the nose like that will last a while, which is around a few weeks or months. Then the nose can grow and change shape. The whole nose formation process will be completed by the age of 10 years. Then, the size of the nose will continue to grow slowly with age. In women, the development will stop at the age of 15-17 years. Whereas in men, the development of the nose stops at the age of